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Dynamic Power Construction laid its foundation as an individual entity in June 2019. The founder of the firm,

Mr. Mazhar Hussain has formulated a team of professionals to kick start the orders via rectification of faults on transmission

lines and scheduled maintenance of Grids and Transmission of utility companies. Sooner the company made its reputation

and started doing rehabilitation projects in process industries as well. The company in its very first year of birth executed

projects for various clients amounting to Rupees more than 100 Million.

The booster that the company achieved via the introduction of Polymer/Composite Insulators in Pakistan and delivered the

turnkey projects of two clients initially i.e. ATTOCK CEMENT & AISHA STEEL in Karachi and Hub Baluchistan and sooner it

gets adopted by all the DISCOs in Pakistan.

Dynamic Power Construction has developed a unit within the company separately to resolve the problem of scheduled

maintenance of process industries’ equipment via testing and maintenance.

Grid Construction in HESCO and private entities have been made the core of the company.


Dedicate Team

Every Project have Dedicated Team to Ensure Quality Work,

Within Given Time

We always Complete Projects within Given Time Frame with High Standards of Quality

and in a Highly Professional Manners.

Fast Working Prosses

We always work Fast But Without Compromising on Quality,

We will help you to achieve your goals within Competitive Budget.

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An Exceptionally Unique Experience tailored to you

Dynamic Power Construction (DPC)

is the lead contractor for electro-mechanical projects with an impressive track record of construction growth.

We continuously strive to provide appropriate solutions to our clients conforming to international quality standards. Our major activities are in the fields of,

  • Substations up to 220/132 kV (GIS & Conventional).
  • Construction, Erection, Installation, Commissioning & Testing.
  • Overhead Transmission Lines up to 220 kV.
  • Design, Construction, Erection, Stringing & Testing.
  • OPGW Installation.
  • Painting of Transmission Line Tower and High Rise Structures like Pipes and Frames.
  • Maintenance Contracts for Industries in Electrical Testing and Repair Works.
  • Breakdown Maintenance Contracts.
  • Construction of Control centers.
  • Laying of HV/MV/LT Cables.
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  • Construction & Maintenance of MV & LV distribution Centers.
  • Load flow studies of new residential/commercial schemes.
  • Industrial projects (Sugar, Cement, Steel, Paper, Chemical, Marble and etc.).
  • Water and sewage treatment.
  • Construction of Roads and Bridges.
  • Electrification and Lighting System.
  • Solar System Installations.
  • Renovation and Construction of Buildings and Stores.
  • General Suppliers.
  • Installation of Electrical Infrastructure for Residential and Commercial External Electrification.